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Bespoke Cushions

At Bolshoi Interiors we approach cushion design with great care & obsession because the devil is in the small details and We just couldn't find cushions that met our standards. We cast our expert eyes on every aspect on cushion making out there in the design world, the construction issues, the collection harmony aspects, the piping or fringe, the braids or backs, etc. We love planning how to cut the fabric to get the patterns to match or meet to create a chevron. We enjoy thinking about how to use excess fabric from one set to make the piping for another so they echo one another.

Did you know my bespoke cushion schemes often work out at a comparable price per cushion to a high-end store? The difference being that we'll work with our chosen or your existing curtains/ sofa/ bed to create you consistent, luxury, unique and hand made. One of the most cost-effective ways to uplift your otherwise flat interiors is via large designer fabric hand-made cushions. ?

As a rule of design thumb, beds require repetition of pattern when it comes to your sacred placed, while living spaces require a different approach: a scheme that has a range in intensity of tone will feel just as flat as one that has no range in pattern or texture.

Bed Spreads & Bed Runners

Latest trends in cushions & bed spreads are RUSTICCHIC because of their simply a timeless and elegant look. Fringe makes for a comfy rustic beauty with an inviting, informal & snug flair, paired against neutral high quality fabrics and a hero pattern makes for an understated elegance. The other trend I see more and more is the varied size cushions, not only square but also becoming popular are the RECTANGULAR cushions, a trend that I think is here to stay.

We also take cushion design seriously, there are a few rules of thumb when it comes to cushion design and styling: an odd number is always more eye-pleasing on a sofa, for example a trio of friends: one loud, one quiet, and one that holds it all together, the cord/fringe that ties the collection or piping from one cushion fabric echos the rest, cascading them and more recently the return of rectangular cushion popularity. The hero pillow should pull on all the colours of the room: something from the carpet and/or the wall art above or curtains & throws, maybe even be lampshades, as you eye travels around the room - its pleasant to ensure it lands on consistently same colour-checks for cohesiveness and feeling of harmony. We often advise to have both winter & summer cushion sets as its an inexpensive way to freshen up/rotate interior look & feel.

I also see chunky braids taking a firm space in curtain, runners and cushion designs, an embelishment to treasure, adding a framed look and defining a piece.

Dont follow fashionable seasonal trends, instead enjoy creating pieces that will last a lifetime, but on this occasion, these two trends are long term, enduring the test of time and are worthy of a mention.

Bespoke Samuel Sons bed runners
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Designer Fabric Selection

Bolshoi Interiors have an extensive range of designer fabrics catalogues & swatch samples. Our contacts allow us to offer unbeatable offers often way more competitive than trade discounts. We have a number of roll end fabrics from Dedar, Rubelli, Donghia, Zinc, Lelievre beautiful silks linens and velvets, Voiles from Andrew Martin, Nina Campbell, Zimmer + Rohde, Bennison Fabrics, Holland and Sherry, Colefax & Fowler - better than trade prices. We also have a wide range of trade only decoration & a scrumptious collection of exclusive silk trimmings, such as piping cords, fringes, braids, etc. The fabrics make a big difference in the design - you will be suprised how many one needs to complete a project, rest assured your personal selection will reflect your taste, interests and will tell something about you to others, they will of course be of high quality and designed/made by the best and most renowned designers and fabric makers/printers, in the world, including:

  • Romo
  • Colefax & Fowler
  • Samuel & Sons
  • Abbott & Boyd
  • Zimmer & Rhode
  • Turnell & Gigon
  • James Hare
  • Lizzo
  • Kvadrat
  • Sahco
  • JAB
  • Designers Guild
  • Dedar
  • Jasper Fabrics
  • Lelievre
  • Mark Alexander
  • GP & J Baker
  • Zoffany
  • Jim Thompson
  • Christopher Farr
  • Brunschwig & Fils

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Bespoke Rubelli cushions

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