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Wimbledon Refurbishment

A complex and extensive refurb has given the opportunity to trip back this home back to its bare bones before we have crafted a home that offers versatile living and entertainment finding its rhythm between modern forward-thinking design and classic features such as brining back classic marble fireplace juxtaposed against contemporary lighting installations. Designed for a young family, this home aesthetic is elegant with British & European accents from marble worktops to beaded reflective wall-covering to bespoke furniture to fur throws, texture quietly dominates this project accentuating physical and emotional ambience of the space. The neutral tonality and few hints of bronze metal and blush accents provide for a lux relaxed environment and a scope to entertain all members of the family.

Living room - living room idea in London
Minimalist living room photo in London
Minimalist home design photo in London
Minimalist bedroom photo in London
Bedroom - bedroom idea in London
Wimbledon Refurbishment
Closet photo in London
Minimalist home design photo in London
Inspiration for a modern home design remodel in London
Wimbledon Refurbishment
Minimalist kitchen photo in London
Kitchen - modern kitchen idea in London
Home design - modern home design idea in London
Minimalist home design photo in London
Example of a minimalist home design design in London

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