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Surrey County New Build

Recently build residence with ample and abundant space. We brought some warmth, personality and colour as per clients desire. The property boasts a transitional design with contemporary neutral base layered with purple and ochre warm finishes for an inviting feel & charming character. Against a mainly neutral base, varying tones and textures of accent colour inspired by nature and the breathtaking views outside down the Surrey Hills give these rooms a luxurious and tranquil feel, the accents can be seen in armchairs, wall-treatments, cushions, curtains braids and soft furnishings tied together by the carefully laid out floor plans for varying relaxation and social functions. So felling very thankful that this visionary client who gave us trust to bring character to this newly build home.

Farmhouse family room photo in London
Cottage family room photo in London
Country bedroom photo in London
Bedroom - farmhouse bedroom idea in London
accents of small scale pattern, pale green, pink
Inspiration for a living room remodel in London
Bespoke floating vanity unit
sandstone tiling

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